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Audio/Video Recordings

Failing - a very difficult piece for solo string bass, by Tom Johnson

live video from my undergraduate graduation recital


Low Bros - Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles)

Arranged and performed by Corey Schutzer and P.J. Cinque, filmed by Matt Pitkoff (

Koussevitzky - Humoresque, Op. 4

live from my Master's recital, with pianist Peter Dugan



String Quintet in G, Op. 77, by Antonín Dvořák (1st movement, excerpt)

live audio recording from Juilliard's ChamberFest 2011 featuring:

Charles Yang and Lisa Kim, violins

Katy Ieong Cheng Ho, viola

Grant Kot, cello

Corey Schutzer, double bass

(Electric Bass)

When the Time is Right

by Stephen Melillo

Adda Kridler, violin

Phil Payton, violin

Margaret Dyer, viola

Annabelle Hoffman, cello

Corey Schutzer, bass

Lee Levin, drums

Justin Rothberg, guitars

Reuben Allen, keys

David Peel, horn and production


Playlist of a few commercially available recordings that I played electric/upright bass on, from artists including Randy Rainbow, Jamison Scott, Breezy Love, Michael Lowney, Maxine Linehan, and the New York, New York Broadway cast album

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