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Teaching philosophy

​Playing music has taught me so much about life that I feel would have been missed had I chosen any other profession. For starters, I have learned the necessity of patience, diligence and creative problem-solving, as music is an art and not an exact science. Playing such an unwieldy instrument as the double bass presents many unique physical challenges, and the act of performing conjures up inevitable emotional and psychological issues.  However, these challenges are not insurmountable - we can only strive to engrain methods that work, and chip away at habits that get in the way. In the collaborative process that is teaching, I work with students to develop a personalized method for problem-solving, and help them to discover their unique musical identity.

​My goals as a teacher are to teach the student the skills necessary for interpreting and performing ANY kind of music, while encouraging analytical and creative thinking. The way that I have been taught bass and music has allowed me to bring this creatively analytical approach to everything I do, and I can help students bring this thinking into other realms as well. My experience with the Alexander Technique has been extremely useful in the development of my technical skills as a player, but it has also improved my physical life outside of music as well. The psychological and emotional tactics for performance can be applied to enhance any kind of performance. I could go on and on about the value of studying the arts.


Having trained as a teacher for beginners in the Suzuki Method, I adhere to the fundamental belief that anyone can develop musical abilities within a positive learning environment, which I strive to provide. I have been very fortunate to have studied with world-class musicians, and I am very eager to pass along their wisdom (as well as some of my own) to enthusiastic students.  I teach players of all ages and levels, as long as they have an intense desire to learn and improve. Although I can only call myself an expert in the methods that have worked for me, I remain flexible to the needs and goals of the student.

Topics covered in lessons with me:
Age/Level-appropriate repertoire, including ​Suzuki Book 1
Assistance with ensemble repertoire
Technical facility
Posture and body use
Efficient, expressive and varied sound production
Rhythm, groove and ensemble skills
Essentials of music theory and ear training
​Practice methods and strategies
Tactics for fighting "stage-fright"
Audition preparation
Professionalism and career development

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